Compact Water Bowsers

For all on-site water needs

We understand that access to water on site is not always readily available. For those situations where there is no water supply or it needs a boost, we have a range of products to help you solve your water problems…

Water Supply/Pressure Booster Pump

This 110v quiet running system will provide a water supply and /or boost supply pressure.   It will automatically switch on in response to demand, and will deliver a pressure up to 2.7bar (40psi), and a flow rate up to 1000 litres per hour.

The pump can be installed in-line, or used to draw water from a bowser or tank (self priming up to 2 metres).

Waste Filtration

This system is intended for filtration of waste water generated from temporary shower systems. It filters particulates/ suspended matter (down to 1 micron subject to filter cartridge selected) and then pumps the waste water to a disposal point.

Spend filter cartridges can easily be removed and replaced by the user.  This equipment operates on a 110v power supply.

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