Mains Connect Decontamination Units

For Commercial and Industrial

Designed and constructed in the context of the HSE’s guidance for hygiene facilities this equipment provides showering and decontamination facilities for personnel working on and around potentially contaminated sites.

For decontamination there are three compartments which provide separate, designated, “dirty”, “shower”, and “clean areas”.  Each trailer is equipped with a HEPA grade air-filtration unit which is tested and certified for filtration efficiency; used in conjunction with a specific configuration of ventilation through the three compartments this facilitates the removal of contaminating material from personnel protective clothing & respiratory equipment, and helps contractors meet their obligation to prevent spread of hazardous materials from site.

In the shower compartment thermostatic mixer valves maintain a comfortable temperature whilst personnel wash – with hot water provided from an on-board water heater.   An optional waste-filtration system will remove particulate contaminants from the waste shower water.

The trailers are supplied as “plug and play” items.  After the trailer has been sited and levelled using its stabilising legs the electrical power connection is made through a 16amp 240v chassis inlet plug – we supply the matching trailing socket with the trailer.  The requirement for water is a clean supply between 1 bar and 6 bar pressure; this can normally be achieved from a 15mm dia. hose connected to a mains tap.

We offer a range of trailer sizes catering for up to 4, 8, or 16 people (LPG Water Heater).

As an alternative we can supply trailers for up to 8 people which utilise electric water heating.

Decon Clean End Compartment Lockers + LPG Water Heater

Site Showers Decontamination Unit

Alucore Quad Decontamination Shower

Site Showers Mains Connect Decontamination Unit

Site Showers Mains Connect Decontamination Unit

3-Stage Decontamination Unit

3-Stage Decontamination Unit

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